Because we have been repairing vacuums, shampooers and floor machines for so many years, we maintain a large inventory of parts and accessories.  Our bag room has bags for over  two hundred different models of  vacuum cleaners.  Although we carry many styles of bags for vacuums that have been out of production for many years we also carry bags for brands and models of vacuums  we never even sold..
With the introduction of the bagless vacuum about ten years ago replacement filters has become almost as big a market as vacuum bags and belts.  Our customers have come to expect us to stock filters for their vacs regardless of where the machine was purchased.  We try not to disappoint them. The same holds true for parts,attacments and accessories.  
Our entrance to internet marketing not only allows us to expand our customer base;  it also allows us to greatly expand our product line.  Due to agreements with manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to offer our on line customers many items we do not actually have in stock.  Many vacuums purchased from us will actually be shipped to you directly from the manufacturer.  This is not unique to us, but most web dealers do not want to make this common knowledge.

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