As an energy star partner for the last five years,  We at Broadway Vacuum have helped many people lower their energy costs  while enjoying a more comfortable life.  Energy Star rated products give us all the function and comfort of their predecessors  while consuming less energy.  
    E-star rated air conditioners have the highest energy efficiency ratings.  Even a 5,000 btu air conditioner that costs $100 more than a non estar rated a/c
will save you money over the typical 10 year life span of the unit.  A savings of only $3 per month over 10 years of cooling will mean a $150 savings, and more than compensate for the extra dollars you may have to lay out for your purchase.
Purchase price should not be your only consideration when buying an appliance that consumes energy dollars to run.  This cost differential is even greater in larger air conditioning units.  
Ad Published with permission of Queens Chronicle